International Shore Connections

International Shore Connections

Marine International Shore Connections
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Material: Brass
Thread: 2″/ 2-1/2″ BSP


Required by SOLAS regulations Chapter II regulation 19. “Ships of 500 tons or more shall be provided with at least one International Shore Connections”.
The Connection is fitted with a coupling to match the hose couplings on the ship.
Pls specify the required type of ship’s coupling: Nakajima, Machino,Storz…whrn ordering. Connections come with bolts,nuts washers and gaskets.


IMPA Code 330841
Outside Diam. 178mm
Inside Diam. 64mm
P.C.D. 132mm
flange Thick 14.5mm
Slots in Flange 19mm Diam × 4 Holes
Bolts and Nuts 16mm Diam × 50mm Length × 4pcs