V-gard safety helmet

Safety Helmet

1.Slotted V-Gard Safety Helmet
Material: High-density Polyethylene/ ABS
Color: Yellow/ White/ Orange/ Blue/ Gray/ Red/ Green
Weight: Based on Material
IMPA Code: 331162

2.Safety Helmet
Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester
Color: Yellow/ White
Size(L*W*H): 26.5*23.2*14.5cm
Weight: 380~410g
IMPA Code: 331159/60

Slotted V-Gard Safety Helmet

Economical, Lightweight, Comfortable headwear, Made of high-density polyethylene or ABS in a variety of molded-in colours idea for general industry, construction and offshore. Suspension, sweat band and nape strap form the complete protective system. Cap with slots to hold accessories. When ordering, please specify Material and color.

Safety Helmet

A lightweight safety helmet made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin. Adjustable in size. Easy replacement of the suspension. Weight: approx. 380~410g.