Sourcing Agent

In China, it’s easy to find hundreds of thousands suppliers for same products. But you will be confused and frustrated to choose right supplier among them, whether can offer good price and efficient service.

So why not ask Pros Marine to help you source for free and handle everything? Thus you can just focus on business, and both time and money will be saved.

Our team have engaged in marine area over 7 years, we are familiar with IMPA book and have good relationship with IMPA supplier, we are also familiar with most of ship equipment, we will provide the most cost-effective products, convenient and efficient service. So we are pleased to be your sourcing agent in China.

We will not add any profit on sourcing products, that mean price will be factory price. the exporter could be our company or factory. We just charge 5% order amount as service fee. So we will stipulate the minimum purchasing amount must be above $ 200,000 annually.

Sourcing Area: IMPA products, Ship Equipment with accessories, Shipyard Equipment, Dock and Offshore equipment.


1.Submit your sourcing request with details of products you need by email.
You can upload product photos or give us product link, to make our sourcing work more efficiently. Please forward the sourcing request to our Email directly at

2.You will get product quote in 48 hours.
Your customer representative will contact you via Email or phone in few hours, after you sending us sourcing request. He will help you source and quote price in 48 hours (expect for Sunday and holiday), and help you handle all problems until you get products.

3.Confirm price. We send you sample or drawings for checking.
If you are not satisfied with our sourcing result, we will keep on sourcing.
If you like the quote, we can send you samples or drawing for checking. (Express fee need to be paid if need to send samples to you)

4.Sign sourcing agent agreement and place order.
We will sign a sourcing agent agreement first, then you could place the order. after you placing order, we help you manage the massive producing, and also help customize your own design packaging and private labels.

5.inspect quality, and help you manage shipping.
We will help you check the quality in factory( business trip reimbursement upon receipts), and help you manage shipping or following your own shipping agent.

6.Pay us service fee when you receive and check the goods of order.
After goods arrived your warehouse and quality checked by your side, then we will charge the service fee(when we charge the service fee that will be based on shipping time, if shipping time is 30 days, then we will charge it after 45 days of shipment date,that mean there are 15 days for you to clear customs and check the goods). Service fee is 5% of order amount.