Marine Adult Lifejacket

Adult Life Jacket

Marine Adult Life Jacket
Model: FZ0004
Buoyancy: ≥150N
Buoyant Material: Epe Closed Cell Foam
Surface Material: Oxford PU Fabric
Certificate: CCS


SOLAS standard marine adult life jacket is normally equipped on marine vessel. Wildly used in life saving for seaman and passengers on board vessels sailing on international voyage.


Approval Standard:

1. MSC.47(66)-1996 Amendments of the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea 1974, and MSC.201(81).
2. MSC.48(66) the International Life-saving Appliance Code and MSC.207(81), MSC.218(82).
3. MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on?Life-saving Appliance MSC.200(80), MSC.226(82), MSC.323(89).