Type FT-9500 AIS SART

AIS SART(Search and Rescue Radar Transponder)
161.975~162.025 MHz
Type of Transmit:
Transmit Power: 
Certificate: CCS


In 2007 and 2008, IMO revised the GMDSS standards and revised the relevant sections of the SOLAS Convention, which revised the “radar sart(SART)” equipped on ship to “search and rescue radar transponder”, which includes: radar transponder (SART) and automatic identification of search and rescue radar transponder (AIS-SART). SART and AIS-SART can be interchangeable Since January 1, 2010.

Approval Standard:

1. IEC 60945(2002) Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and Systems -General Requirements – Methods of Testing and Required Test Result.
2. A.694(17): General Requirements for Shipborne Radio Equipment Forming Part of The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System(GMDSS) and Navigational Equipment.
3. IMO Resolution MSC.246(83) Adoption of Performance Standards for Survival Craft AIS Search and Rescue Transmitters(AIS-SART) for Use in Search and Rescue Operations.


Model FT-5500
Frequency 161.975/ 162.025 MHz
Tolerance ± 0.5MHz
Type of Transmit SOTDMA
Transmit Power 30dBm±1.5dB
Operation Temperature -30℃~+65℃
Battery Li-SOC12 7.2V
Protection Class IP68