Alkaline Battery Lifejacket Light

Alkaline Battery Lifejacket Light

Alkaline(dry) Battery Life Jacket Light
PH2701A Launched by Pull Line
Ph2701-1 Launched by Press Button
Lighting Period: ≥ 8 Hours
Luminous Intensity: >0.75 cd
Flash Frequency: 50~70 times/minute
Light Color: White
Battery: Alkaline(Dry) Battery
Certificate: CCS


Each life jacket shall be fitted with a light complying with the requirements for a 0.75 cd light for 8 hours. The battery will be operated automatically upon entry into the water.

Approval Standard:

1. MSC.47(66)-1996 Amendments of the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea 1974.
2. MSC.48(66) the International Life-saving Appliance Code and MSC.207(81).
3. MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Life-saving Appliance and MSC.226(82), MSC.323(89).