batteryless telephone

Batteryless Telephone

Batteryless Telephone
Other Name:
Sound Powered Telephone
Model: HSC
Power Supply for Repeater: DC. 24V
Junction Box: HX-8, HX-12
Relay Box: FR-100
Flashing Light and Signaling Unit: FR-100Z/ J
Certificate: CCS


The series of HSC batteryless telephone is designed according to CCS rules and regulations. They are used as sound powered and common battery telephones for communication on vessels. Its features are loud and clear with or without external power, and convenient for use.

Approval Standard:

1.  Chapter 2, Part 4 of China Classification Society Rules and Regulations for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ship 2015 and Its Amendments.


Model Description Weight IP Class
HSC-1G Wall-type Single Way Batteryless Telephone 1KG IP44
HSC-1Q Flush-type Single Way Batteryless Telephone 0.8KG IP22
HSC-1F Weather-proof Single Way Batteryless Telephone 6.9KG IP56
HSC-1J Noise-proof Single Way Batteryless Telephone 1.2KG IP44
HSC-4/12G Wall-type Multi Way(4~12) Batteryless Telephone 1KG IP44
HSC-4/12Q Flush-type Multi Way(4~12) Batteryless Telephone 0.8KG IP22
HSC-4/12F Weather-proof Multi Way(4~12) Batteryless Telephone 6.9KG IP56
HSC-4/12J Noise-proof Multi Way(4~12) Batteryless Telephone 1.2KG IP44
FR-100 Relay Box 0.8KG IP44
FR-100Z/FR-100J Flashing Light and Signaling Unit 0.8KG IP44
HSC-1/12G-EX Explosion-proof Batteryless Telephone 3.5KG IP44
S802A Zener Safety Barrier(Used for Single-way type) 0.5KG IP44
S816 Zener Safety Barrier(Used for Multi-way type) 3.5KG IP44
XD-1 Portable Junction Box 4KG IP22
HX-8/12 Junction Box 2~8KG IP22