CO2 Liquid Level Indicator

CO2 Liquid Level Indicator

Measurable Medium: CO2, FM-200™, NOVEC™1230, old Halons sunch as 1301 and 1211, FE-13™, FM-25™, FM-36™, HFC-225&2271
Measurable Tank Material: Steel, stainless steel, glass, unformed plastics
Measurable Range of Wall Thickness: 3~30mm


The CO2 Liquid Level Indicator is designed to measure the presence or absence of CO2 liquid at a  certain height position in marine CO2 fire extinguishing system.


Applicable Tank: CO2 Tank with any of the following diameter ranges: 215mm-225mm, 270mm-280mm, 345mm-355mm and 395mm-405mm
Measurable Medium: Pureliquid, Milky Liquid and Suspension Liquid
Measurement Accuracy: <5 mm
Measurable Range of Cylinder Thickness: 3~30 mm
Measurable Tank Material: Steel, SUS, Glass and Unformed Plastics
Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Humidity: 15%~85%RH
Power Supply: 18650 lithium battery ×2
Operation Language: Chinese and English