dry powder refilling machine GMF-C

Dry Powder Refilling Machine

Dry Powder(ABC) Extinguisher Refilling Machine
Model: GMF-C
Power 1: 0.75KW – 22OV/ 50Hz
Power 2: 1.1KW – 380OV/ 50Hz
Weight: 66 KG
Refilling Nozzle Size: 20~80 mm
Refilling Speed: ≥ 7 KG/Min
Machine Size: 450×700×1200 mm



GMF-C Dry powder(ABC) refilling machine is suitable for refilling variety of portable or wheeled type dry powder(ABC) fire extinguishers. Which is newly developed based on model GMF-A and GMF-B dry powder refilling machine. The filling drum lifting uses hydraulic device instead of manual mechanical, and the main components of the filter are made of ultra-high molecular material, so that no need to replace and also have automatic cleaning function. It also can recycle all kinds of dry powder(ABC) to avoid environment pollution. Other advantages like simple operation, convenient use, small size and light weight etc.