Model: TH10/TH15
Type: Open Circuit
Service Duration: 10min/15min
Working Pressure: 21Mpa
Cylinder Capacity: 2.2L/3L
Weight: ≤6KG/≤8.5kg
Certificate Available: CCS, EC
IMPA Code: 330435/330438

Marine EEBD required by SOLAS 1974 in regulation 13 revised in 2000, all ships shall carry at least two Emergency Escape Breathing Device(E.E.B.D.) within accommodation spaces for providing respiratory protection in toxic and oxygen deficient atmospheres. On all ships, within the machinery spaces. EEBD shall be situated ready for use at easily visible places, which can be reached quickly and easily at any time in the event of fire. The Location of EEBD shall take into account the layout of the machinery space and the number of persons normally working in the spaces. The EEBD should have at least a duration of service of 10 minutes and should include a hood or full face piece to protect the eyes nose and mouth during escape, complying with the Fire Safety Systems(F.S.S.) Code. Hoods and face pieces should be considered flame resistant and include a clear window or viewing. An unactivated EEBD should be capable of being carried hands-free.

Approval Standard:
1. Regulation 13, Chapter II-2 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as Amended.
2. Chapter 3 of International Code for Fire Safety Systems.
3. IMO MSC./Circ.849 Guide for the Performance, Location, Use and Care of Emergency Escape Breathing Devices.
4. ISO23269-1:2008 Ships and Marine Technology Breathing Apparatus for Ships-part 1 Emergency Escape Breathing Devices(E.E.B.D.) for Shipboard Use.
5. EN 1146:2005 Respiratory Protective Devices Self-contained, Open-circuit Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus Incorporating a Hood for Escape-Requirement, Testing, Marking.


Model TH10 TH15
Duration of Service 10minutes 15minutes
Cylinder Volumn 2.2L 3L
Weight ≤6KG ≤8.5KG
Air Supply Flow ≥35L/Min ≥35L/Min
Certificate Available CCS and EC CCS and EC