DF-6 Explosion Proof Light

Explosion Proof Light

Portable Explosion Proof Light
Model: DF-6
Shell Material: Aluminum-alloy
Explosion-proof Signature: ExdⅡ CT6
Protection Class: IP56
Battery: #1Battery × 6pcs/ Lithium(Rechargeale Type)
Certificate: CCS
IMPA Code: 330607/ 330608


This portable explosion proof lamp shell material use ZDL-102 aluminum alloy and molding by die-casting,and coated with a good paint layer. Lamp case without hole, switch used reed switch and strong magnetic structure.

Approval Standard:

1. Chapter 3 of International Code for Fire Safety System.
2. Chapter 1, Part 4 of China Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and Its Amendments.
3. IEC 60079-11:2011 Explosive Atmosphere-Part 11: Equipment Protection by Intrinsic Safety “i”.


Rated Voltage 7.2V
Rated Current 4A
Rated Power 10W
Luminous Flux 130Lm
Max. Range 300m
Battery Charging Time(Rechargeable Type) 8h
Operation Duration ≥8h
Size 130×225mm
Weight 1.4kg