HFC-227ea(FM200) Refilling Machine

FM200 Filling Machine

Type: Automatic (Manual Optional)
Component: FM200 Filling Console
                      FM200 Filling Pump
                      Vacuum Pump
                     Digital Scale
Power: 220V 50HZ
Vacuum Pump: 0.55KW
FM200 Filling Pump: 300l/min(gas) 15l/min(liquid)
Required Driving Gas: 3~8 bar
Pressure Gauge: N2 Filling Pressure Gauge
                              N2 Cylinder Pressure Gauge
                              Driving Gas Pressure Gauge
                              Vacuum Pressure Gauge


FM200 filling machine is used to fill FM200 and other liquid medium without pressure. It depends on driving gas (from compressor or compressed gas) to drive a filling pump to suction and deliver FM200 gas.


Driving Gas Required 3~8 bar compressed gas
Filling Pump Output pressure: 0~4.8Mpa
Pressure increased ratio: 6:1
Driving gas inlet size: 3/8
Pump inlet size: ZG1/2
Pump outlet size: ZG1/2
Capacity: 300l/min(gas), 15l/min(liquid)
Gas consumption: 0.6m³/h
Vacuum Pump Working condition: 220V/50HZ
Power: 0.55kw
Free Air Displacement: 8CFM
Oil capacity: 650ml
Scale 0~500kg
Console Size Approx. 1000×700×1300(L/W/H) or Customized
Pressure Gauge P1 N2 Cylinder Pressure 0~25Mpa
Pressure Gauge P2 N2 Filling Pressure 0~10Mpa
Pressure Gauge P3 Driving Gas Pressure 0~4Mpa
Pressure Gauge P4 Vacuum Pressure -0.1~1Mpa