Stainless Steel HRU for Liferaft

Hydrostatic Release Unit(HRU)

Stainless Steel HRU
Material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Release Depth: 2~4m
Tensile Strength: 10KN
Certificate Avaiable: CCS

Plastic HRU
Release Depth: 1.5~4m
Tensile Strength: 1.8~2.6KN
Certificate Avaiable: CCS


HRU called hydrostatic release unit. sued for liferaft and Epirb. There are two type of HRU, one is Stainless Steel and another is Plastic. These units consist of a double looped rope line, a release mechanism, and a weak link. This release unit confirms with the requirements of the 1983 amendments to SOLAS 1974.
These units will release the liferaft or Epirb(Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) at a depth of between 1.5~4 meters underwater.

Approval Standard:

1. Regulation 4, 13, 26 & 34, Chapter III of SOLAS 1974, as Amended.
2. Chapter I and IV of MSC.48(66) International Life-saving Appliance Code(LSA Code).
3. Sections XI of Parts 1 of MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances and MSC.226(82).