IMO Symbols

IMO Symbols and Posters

1. IMO Symbols
2. Safety Signs
3. Direction Signs
4. Fire Control Signs
5. Mandatory Signs
6. Hazard Signs
7. Prohibition Signs
8. Combination Signs
9. ISPS Code & Security Signs
10. Deck and Engine Room Signs
11. Galley Signs
12. Accommodation Signs
13. Tempory Tie Tags
14. Passenger Vessel and Terminal Building Signs
15. Hazard Diamonds
16. Training, Safety and Environmental Posters
17. Pipe Identification Tape
18. Training Manuals and Log Books


As per the IMO, all commercial vessels must have a certain number of mandatory, hazard, safety, fire, direction, and prohibitory signs. These signs are colour coded as per their description, and are either lit by emergency lighting or are photo luminescent for at least an hour once the light source has.