Inflatable Lifejacket

Inflatable Life Jacket

Marine Inflatable Life Jacket
Model: RHT-C-A
Type: Manual or Automatic
Buoyancy: ≥ 150N
Compartment Material: Nylon TPU
Surface Material: Oxford
Total Weight of CO2: 33g
Cetificate: CCS and EC


Inflatable Life Jacket, made of air and watertight rubberlined nylon. Inflation is done by means of CO2 cylinders provided with the jacket.

Approval Standard:

1. MSC.47(66)-1996 Amendments of the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea 1974, and MSC.207(81).
2. MSC.81(70) the International Life-saving Appliance Code and MSC.200(80), MSC.323(89).
3. MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on?Life-saving Appliances and MSC.226(82).