International Shore Connections

International Shore Connections

Marine International Shore Connections
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Material: Brass
Thread: 2″/ 2-1/2″ BSP


International Shore Connections, required by SOLAS regulations Chapter II regulation 19. “Ships of 500 tons or more shall be provided with at least one International Shore Connections”.
The Connection is fitted with a coupling to match the hose couplings on the ship.
Pls specify the required type of ship’s coupling: Nakajima, Machino,Storz…whrn ordering. Connections come with bolts,nuts washers and gaskets.


IMPA Code 330841
Outside Diam. 178mm
Inside Diam. 64mm
P.C.D. 132mm
flange Thick 14.5mm
Slots in Flange 19mm Diam × 4 Holes
Bolts and Nuts 16mm Diam × 50mm Length × 4pcs