Nakajima Jet Spray Nozzle

Jet Spray Firehose Nozzle

Dual-Purpose Jet-Spray Firehose Nozzle
Nakajima/ Machino/ John Morris/ Ansi / Storz
Material: Brass
Certificate: CCS


Jet Spray Firehose Nozzle is wide variety of nozzle connecting types with hose couplings are available according to several standards. Some common types are as shown left.

Approval Standard:

1. Regulation 10, Chapter II-2 OF 1974 SOLAS, as Amended.
2. EN 15182-1(2007) Hand-held Branchpipes for Fire Service Use-Part 1: Common Requirements, Including A1(2009)
3. EN 15182-3(2007) Hand-held Branchpipes for Fire Service Use-Part 3: Smooth Bore Jet and/or One Fixed Spray Jet Angle Branchpipes PN16, Including A1(2009).
4. GB 8181-2005 National Standard of P.R.China Fire Nozzles.


Model QD40 QD50 QD65
Material ZCuZn16Si4 ZCuZn16Si4 ZCuZn16Si4
Nominal Dia. 40mm 50mm 65mm
Rated Working Pressure 0.6 Mpa 0.6 Mpa 0.6 Mpa
Flow Rate 2.5 L/S 5.0 L/S 6.5 L/S
Strength Test Pressure 2.4 Mpa 2.4 Mpa 2.4 Mpa
Range ≥ 21M ≥ 27M ≥ 30M
Nozzle Angle 0~100° 0~100° 0~100°