line throwing appratus

Line Throwing Apparatus

Model: PSQ-230
Breaking Strain of Line: ≥ 2kn
Distance of Throwing: ≥ 230m
Temperature Operating Range: -30℃ to 65℃
Temperature Storage Range: -30℃ to 75℃
Validity: 3years
Certificate Available: CCS, BV, DNV

Required MOB and LTA Quantity:
Line Throwing Apparatus(LTA) required quantities of distress flares(Manoverboard and Line Throwing Apparatus) for vessel by the 1983 amendment to SOLAS 1974

Regulations Descriptions Required Quantities
17 & 49 LTA no less than 4
7-1.3 Self-igniting light Ship Length Under 100m–4pcs
Ship Length 100~149m–5pcs
Ship Length 150~199–6pcs
Ship Length above 200m–7pcs
7-1.3 MOB No less than two of total number of Lifebuoy

Approval Standard:
1. MSC.47(66)-1996 Amendments of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974.
2. MSC.48(66) the International Life-saving Appliance Code.
3. MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Life-saving Appliance.

Self-contained rocket-powered line-throwing unit designed for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore operations as well as for the rescue of people in distress at sea.
One line throwing apparatus is required to be equipped, which includes not less than 4 projectiles each capable of carrying the line to a nominal range of 230 meters in calm weather.