YQ Marine Air Horn

Marine Air Horn

Marine Air Horn Model: YQ Series/ WD Series Type: Diaphragm Operation: Manual or Electronic Sound Pressure Level: ≥130dB Audibility Distance: ≥1n.m IMPA Code: 330185 Certificate: CCS


Marine Air Horn required installation under the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea. The frequency of the horns shall be netween 130~350HZ for a vessel greater than 75 meters but less than 200 meters in length, and 70~200HZ for a vessel 200 meters or more in length.

Approval Standard:

1. Annex III of International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972.
2. IMO Resolution A 736(18) and 910(22)
3. Chapter 1, 2, 3, Part 4 of China Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships(2012) and It’s Amendments.


YQ Series Marine Air Horn

Model YQ-8 YQ-10 YQ-15
Nominal Diameter 8mm 10mm 15mm
Nominal Pressure 0.59Mpa 0.8Mpa 0.98Mpa
Sound Level ≥130dB ≥134dB ≥138dB
Frequency Range 250~700HZ 250~700HZ 130~350HZ
Audibility Distance 1.0n.m 1.0n.m 1.5n.m
Length of Ship 20~75m 20~75m 75~200m

WD Series Marine Air Horn

Model WD-1 WD-2 WD-3 WD-1A WD-2A
IP Degree IP56 IP56 IP56 IP56 IP56
Frequency 250~700HZ 130~350HZ 70~200HZ 250~630HZ 130~350HZ
Sound Level ≥130dB ≥138dB ≥143dB ≥130dB ≥138dB
Consumption 150W 150W 150W 250W 4KW
Rated Voltage DC220V
DC24V AC380V
Audibility Distance 1.0n.m 1.5n.m 2.0n.m 1.0n.m 1.5n.m