QB55-200 marine clinometer

Marine Clinometer

1. QB55-200 Marine Pendulum Clinometer
2. QD-40 Marine Dial Type Clinometer
3. QD-50 Marine Brass Dial Type Clinometer
4. GL195-CL Marine Brass Dial Type Clinometer
5. QZ-70 Marine Pendulum Clinometer
6. BKQ-2 Marine Pendulum Clinometer
Certificate: CCS
IMPA Code: 370241


A marine clinometer is required for positioning a vessel on a proper trim. It also indicates the correct heel angle and is helpful in determining the appropriate location for cargo and equipment. A pair of clinometers, one installed on the keel axis and the other on the beam axis, will give the necessary and accurate indications for adjustment of the trim angle.

Approval Standard:

1. Chapter 3, Part 1 of China Classification Society Rules for the Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and It’s Amendments.
2. CB/T 3376-2005 Marine Clinometer


Model QB55-200 QD-40 QD-50 GL195-CL QZ-70 BKQ-2
Type Pendulum Dial Type Dial Type Dial TypeL Pendulum Pendulum
Material Plastic Alu-alloy Brass Brass Bakelite Bakelite
Indicating Range 55°~0~55° 40°~0~40° 50°~0~50° 50°~0~50° 70°~0~70° 60°~0~60°
Accuracy ≤0.5° ≤1.0° ≤1.0° ≤1.0° ≤0.5° ≤0.5°
Size 360×240 mm φ200×77 mm φ210×66 mm φ180×65 mm 400×240 mm 375×215mm