Chute Type Marine Evacuation System

Marine Evacuation System

Marine Evacuation System
1. Single Chute Vertical Passage
Model: MES-VP-300
Max. Capacity of System: 300 Persons
Platform Capacity: 60 Persons
Max. Storage Height: ≤ 25 M
Weight: ≤ 1800 KG
Certificate: CCS

2. Single Chute Inclined Slide
Model: MES-IS-315
Max. Capacity of System: 315 Persons
Platform Capacity: 63 Persons
Max. Storage Height: ≤ 6 M
Weight: ≤ 1280 KG
Certificate: CCS


A marine evacuation system (MES) is a very unique evacuation arrangement which allows the people on ships to get into the positioned life floats during time of emergencies.
Each LSA Marine Evacuation System (MES) comprises:

  • an inflatable inclined evacuation slide;
  • a large capacity inflatable liferaft (canopied or open reversible); and
  • a lightweight stowage cradle manufactured in marine grade aluminium.

Approval Standard:

1. MSC.47(66)the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS 1974, 1996 Amendments and MSC.218(82).
2. MSC.48(66) the International Life-saving Appliance Code(LSA Code).
3. MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliance.

Installation and Service

It is required to install one set each at port and starboard side and annual service by SOLAS.