Marine CO2 Fire Suppression System

Marine Fixed CO2 Fire Suppression System

Marine Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Fire Suppression System
Other Name: CO2 Fire Fighting/ Extinguishing/ Flooding System
Working Pressure: 14.7Mpa
Opening Ways: Pneumatic or Manual
Delay Mode: Pneumatic or Mechanical Delay
Volume of CO2 Bottle: 68L or 40L
Volume of N2 Bottle: 4L
Bursting Pressure of Rupture Disc: 18.6±1Mpa
CO2 Filling Ratio: 0.67KG/L
Testing Pressure of Water Strength: 24.5Mpa


The Marine CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) flooding system also called CO2 fire Extinguishing/ Fighting/ Suppression system which is the most vital part of the vessel and can be assimilated to the heart of the latter as it will control all the parts that can be endangered.Due to CO2 physical and chemical properties, Co2 is the most commonly used gas on-boardships in order to extinguish fire during accidents. Co2 is used in a number of ways, mainly depending on the intensity of fire.

Approval Standard:

1. Marine Professional Standard, Marine Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Plant, CB/T 3294-1998.
2. IMO MSC.206(81) Amendments to the International Code for Fire Safety System(FSS Code) Chapter 5.
3. IMO MSC.282(86) Amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as Amended.
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8. Chapter 2-2, Part 4 of Maritime Safety Administration of the P.R.C. Technical Regulations?for the Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Steel Ships Engaged on Non-international Voyages(2011) and It’s Amendments.


Model Marine Fixed
Nominal Pressure 14.7Mpa
Volume of CO2 Cylinder 68L/ 40L
Volume of N2 Cylinder 4L
CO2 Filling Ratio 0.67KG/L
Environment Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Environment Humidity 93±3%
Main Power Supply AC220V 50HZ/ AC440V 60HZ
Auxiliary Power Supply DC24V 3A
Standby Power ≤30W
Working Power 200W
Operation Method Manual: Local Operation
Pneumatic: Remote Control
Manual Mechanical: Local Operation
Release Delay Mechanical Delay: 20~40S
Launching Gas N2
N2 Filling Pressure 5.9 Mpa