Marine Fixed Deck Foam Fire Fighting System

Marine Fixed Deck Foam System

Marine Fixed Deck Foam Fire Extinguishing System
Other Name: Foam Proportioning System
Model: PHYM
Type: Pressure Type
Working Pressure Range: 0.6~1.2Mpa
Foam Solution Range: 8~32L/S, 16~48L/S, 24~64L/S,  36~100L/S
Pressure of Hydraulic Test: 1.8Mpa
Ratio of Mixture: 3% or 6%
Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS


Marine Fixed Deck Foam Fire Extinguishing System is to be installed for extinguishing fire on deck for chemical, liquid cargo, products and oil tankers with low expansion foam required by SOLAS.
The Low Expansion Foam fire extinguishing system uses a non-toxic foam concentrate, water and air to effectively extinguish fires in open spaces. The system provides safe and effective protection, and is harmless to the crew and environment.

Approval Standard:

1. IMO MSC.98(73) The Chapter 6,14 of International Code for Fire Safety Systems(FSS Code).
2. GB23001-2005 General Technical Specifications for the Foam Fire Extinguishing System and Components.

Main Parts:

1. Foam Bladder Tanker
2. Foam Proportioner
3. Foam Generator
4. Foam Concentrate
6. Fire Monitor