Marine Gate Valve

Marine Gate Valve

Marine Gate Valve:
Connection Type:
Material: Cast Steel/ Cast Iron/ Bronze
Structure: Straight
Standard: JIS/ DIN/ ANSI


Marine Gate Valve is a valve which the closing plate(shutter) moves in the vertical direction of the passage center line. Gate valve mainly used for cut off in pipeline.

Approval Standard:

1. Chapter 2, Part 3 of China Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and Its Amendments.


Marine Gate Valve

Standard Nominal Diameter Nominal Pressure Main Body Material
CB/T465-95 50~500 mm 0.25~0.6 Mpa HT200
CB/T466-95 50~500 mm 0.25~1.0 Mpa ZG230-450
CB/T467-95 40~500 mm 0.25~0.6 Mpa ZCuSn10Zn2