DEM6 Hand Anemometer

Marine Hand and Digital Anemometer

1. DEM6 Marine Hand Anemometer
2. FYF-1 Marine Digital Hand Anemometer

Wind Speed: 1m/s~30m/s
Wind Direction: 0°~360°(divided into 16 positions)
Starting wind velocity of the rotating cups: <0.8m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy: <0.4 m/s after correction
Wind Direction Accuracy: ±10°
IMPA Code: 370271

3. Digital Anemometer with Integrated Vane
4. Digital Anemometer with Remote Vane
Wind Speed:
Wind Speed Accuracy: ±(2.0% reading + 50 )
Air Flow: 0~9999m³/s
Power Supply: 1×9V 6F22 battery
IMPA Code: 370273/ 370274

5. Marine Wind Vane and Anemometer
Wind Speed:
Wind Speed Accuracy: ±0.1m/s
Wind Direction: 0~359°
Wind Direction Accuracy: ±1°
Power Supply: DC24V
Certificate: CCS

1.Hand Anemometer
This Portable wind speed indicator can be held easily in one hand.

2. Digital Anemometer
A portable digital anemometer with integrated vane or with remote vane extended by curled cord.

Approval Standard:

1. IMO Resolution A, 694(17) General Requirements for Shipborne Radio Equipment Forming Part of The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System(GMDSS) and for Electronic Navigational Aids.
2. IEC 60945:2002 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and Systems-General Requirements-Methods of Testing and Required Test Results.