GL198-TH Dia Thermometer Hygrometer

Marine Hygrometer

1. GL198-TH Dia Thermometer Hygrometer
Size Available: 
Φ120mm/ 150mm/ 180mm
Material: Brass
IMPA Code: 370256
2. HM18 Dial Thermo-Hygrometer
Bimetallic Thermometer: -15℃~+45℃
Hair Hygrometer: 0~100%RH

3. Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer
IMPA Code:

4. Sling Psychrometer(Hygrometer)
IMPA Code:

5. Hair Hygrometer(Lambrecht’s Polymeter)
Temperature Range:
-25~+40℃ and 0.5℃ in div.
Humidity Scale: 0~100% and 1% in div.
Temperature Accuracy: ≤0.5℃
Humidity Accuracy: ≤5%
IMPA Code: 370266

6. Digital Thermo-hygrometer
Temperature Range:
Humidity Scale:
Power Supply: 4×1.5V AAA Batteries
IMPA Code: 370259

1. Dial Thermo-hygrometer
Wall mounted bimetallic dial thermometer with hair hygrometer.

2. Wet and Dry Bulb Hygrometer
Consisting of dry and wet alcohol filled glass thermometer fixed in a panel. By differential indication between these thermometers, humidity can be read from table mounted on a panel.

3. Sling Psychrometer (Hygrometer)
A metal handle enables the instrument to be whirled, Furnished with psychrometeric table and wood case.

4. Hair Hygrometer (Lambrecht’s Polymeter)
This instrument, known as a polymeter, measure temperature, humidity, vapourtension and dew point. A mercury filled glass thermometer is attached. The Humidity element is a bundle of human hair.

5. Digital Thermo-hygrometer
A compact, portable thermo-hygrometer that monitors atmospheric temperature and humidity by single unit.