Marine Parallel Rule

Marine Parallel Rule and Nautical Triangle

1. Marine Parallel Rule
Material: Acrylic
Length: 450mm/ 600mm
Packaging: Paper box or Wooden case
IMPA Code: 371001/ 371002

2. Marine Nautical Triangle
Type: Inoue/ Kent
Material: Acrylic
Inoue Type Length: 360mm
Kent Type Length: 300mm
Packaging: Paper box
IMPA Code: 371007/ 371008

3. Marine Nautical Protractor
Material: Copper or SUS
Measuring Range: 0~180° and 180~360°
Division Value:
Division Accuracy: ≤6′

1. Marine Parallel Rule

Marine Parallel Rule and Nautical Triangle made of transparent material in paper box or wooden case. Available in plain or with semi circle protractor.

2. Marine Nautical Triangle

“Inoue” type and “Kent” type are available.
1). Inoue Type
Nautical Triangles, a position finder for the danger-angle triangle(A) and a protractor triangle(B) made of transparent plastic, 360mm
2). Kent Type
Two 45° triangles provide an easy method for plotting position and course and doing other chart works. Using protractor scales, the triangle is easily aligned in any direction with a chart meridian. Direction is maintained as one triangle is slid along the other to the desired position. Durable, clear. Long side length 300mm.