Flange Stop Check Valve

Marine Stop Check Valve

Marine Stop Check Valve:
Connection Type:
Flange/ Thread/ Bellows
Material: Stainless Steel/ Cast Steel/ Forged Steel/ Bronze
Structure: Straight/ Angle
Standard: JIS/ DIN/ ANSI


Marine Stop check Valve, a multi-purpose valve with a shut-off valve and a check valve function. It is similar in construction to the globe valve, but the stem and the valve are not fixed.

Approval Standard:

1. Chapter 2, Part 3 of China Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and Its Amendments.


Marine Stop Check Valve

Standard Nominal Diameter Nominal Pressure Main Body Material
GB/T585-2008 20~300 mm 1.0~6.4 Mpa ZG230-450
GB/T588-2008 15~150 mm 0.6~2.5 Mpa ZCuSn10Zn2
GB/T596-2008 10~32 mm 4.0 Mpa ZCuA19Mn2
CB/T3197-95 40~250 mm 0.6~1.6 Mpa ZG230-450
CBM1049-81 50~250 mm 1.0 Mpa ZG230-450
CBM1076-81 15~40 mm 1.6 Mpa ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5
CBM1052-81 32~150 mm 2.0 Mpa ZG275-485
GB/T591-2008 20~300 mm 0.6~1.6 Mpa HT200
GB/T1953-2008 15~32 mm 1.6 Mpa ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5
GB/T1853-2008 40~350 mm 0.6 Mpa ZG275-485