N2 filling Machine

N2 Filling Machine

Nitrogen(N2) Filling Machine
Model: GMD-A
Power: 0.1 KW 220 V/ 50 HZ
Weight: 30 KG
Machine Size: 550×510×1030 mm

Fire Extinguisher Manometer Calibrator
Pressure Range: 0~2.5 Mpa
Accuracy Grade: 0.25
Weight: 8 KG
Size: 300×530×370 mm


1. Nitrogen(N2) Filling Machine
GMD-A Nitrogen(N2) automatic filling machine is suitable for filling variety of fire extinguisher which using N2 as driving gas. The pressure can be set by yourself and adjustable from 0.1~2 MPa. Advantages like reliable and safety, simple operation, high accuracy and light weight.

2.Fire Extinguisher Manometer Calibrator
GMX-A fire extinguisher manometer calibrator can calibrate various of pressure gauge of fire extinguisher.