NAVTEX Receiver FT-7600

NAVTEX Receiver

NAVTEX Receiver
Receiver Frequency: 518 KHz
Reception Type: F1B
Receiver Sensitive: <4%(2 uV e.m.f, 50Ω)
Power Supply: DC12V
Certificate: CCS


NAVTEX is an international maritime radio telex system. For receiving navigational warnings and safety information on 518 KHz along coastal areas.

Approval Standard:

1. MSC.148(77) Adoption of the Revised Performance Standards for Narrow-brand Direct-printing Telegraph Equipment for the Reception of Navigational and Meteorological Warnings and Urgent Information to Ships(NAVTEX).
2. IEC 61097-6:2012 Narrow-brand Direct-printing Telegraph Equipment for The Reception of Navigational Warnings and Urgent Information to Ships(NAVTEX).
3. IMO A.694(17) General Requirements for Shipborne Radio Equipment Forming Part of The Global Maritime Distress ans Safety System (GMDSS) and for Electronic Navigational Aids.
4. IEC 60945:2002 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and Systems -General Requirements – Methods of Testing and Required Test Result.


Model FT-7600
Receiver Unit 3 FIB Receiver
Receiver Frequency 518KHz
Receiver Model FIB
Receiver Sensitivity <4%(2 uV e.m.f, 50Ω)
Protection Class IP45
Display Resolution 320 * 240 (6 inch LCD)
Operation Temperature -20 °C ~ +60 °C

Information received:

After the phasing signal synchronization, information began to receive;
If error rate of received was more than 33%, will refuse to received the information.

Information storage and the same text information rejected:  

If the information received packet error rate is less than 33%, the information will be saved, after the same text message will be rejected;
For example, two received error rate for the same information in a 4% -33%, save for the lower one.

Storage of information and the identification number (ID):

Information identifier (ID) can be stored up to 600;
If information identification number (ID) over 600, the oldest one (the first coming)will be delete ;
The ID storage period at least 60 hours, after 72 hours deleted automatically (including the power shutdown);
Lock information permanent preservation;
If information serial number B3B4 = 00, displayed and saved forever. 

List of information selection: All, alarm,  user select , complete list of information
Select coast station : allow or restrict all coast stations
Self-test function: Main unit provided many item of self-test function

Liquid crystal display (LCD): 

All of the information received, work status and control menus are displayed on the LCD, easy to use;
Receiving station, type of information and various control menu via the LCD and keypad operation and control;
LCD display always shows real time information of received, synchronization, the receive status, character error, stored status;
Displays date and time.

Interface port  function:  

Main unit provided INS and print port functions, Fully comply with requirements of IEC61162 standard

Received alarm sound(audio) and light(visual) function:

According to different alarm sound and light , easy to recognize emergency, or  general information:
Emergency information alarm: received D type of information as well as search and rescue information;
General Information Alarm: Except received “D type information .