Nomex Firefighter Suit

Nomex Firefighter Suit

Main Material: Nomex 200
Layers: 3 layers
Certficate: CCS and MED


Marine Nomex Firefighter Suit(Fireman Outfit) comprising jacket and trousers to be use only against radiant heat, and providing protection for the firefighter’s torso, neck, arms and legs, but excluding the head, hands and feet. which designed according to EN 469.


3 Layer Flame-Retardant Compound Fabric
Outer Fabric: Nomex 200 woven fabric, 93% meta-aramid / 5% para-aramid / 2% carbon fibre, 200g/m²
Moisture Barrier: PTFE, NV120/T70 woven fabric, Meta/para-aramid felt quilted to 50% meta-aramid / 50% FR viscose, 195g/m²
Thermal Barrier(Aramid lining qulited to nomex inner lining): T70+NV120 woven fabric, Meta/para-aramid+50% meta-aramid /50% FR viscose
Levels of Performance :
Heat transfer- Flame : LEVEL Xf2;
Heat transfer- Radiation : LEVEL Xr1;
Resistance to water penetration (Moisture Barrier) : LEVEL Y2;
Resistance to water penetration (Seamed Specimen) : LEVEL Y2;
Water Vapour Resistance: LEVEL Z2.
Size: S/ M/ L/ XL
Standard: EN 469:2005, Para. 7 and the MED Mark of Conformity
Certificate Available: CCS and MED