JYB40R Rescue Boat

Rescue Boat

Rigid Rescue Boat:
Material: Fire-proof FPR
Length: 4.0~6.0m
Capacity: 6~12 Persons
Certificate: BV/ ABS/ GL/ CCS

Approval Standard:

1. Section 1 & 5, Chapter 3, Part 4 of MSA of P.R.C. Technical Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships Engaged on Domestic Voyages 2004.


1. Comply with the requirements and rules of SOLAS and Its amendments 1996, LSA code, MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85), MSC.320(89), MSC.81(70), msc.226(82), MSC.274(85), MSC.321(89).
2. Boat body main material: fire-proof FRP.
3. Fit with self-righting device, It can self-righting when capsized.
4. Fit with off-load release mechanism with safety pin.
5. Equipped emergency pack according to SOLAS.
6. Anti-slip surface
7. Equipped a manual pump.
8. Fit with rubber or foam fender around boat.
9. Deck can automatic drainage
10. Full-load ad full speed running time more than 4 hours.


JYB40R/ SC45KR/ SC45K Rescue Boat

Model JYB40R SC45KR SC45K
Engine Position Ourboard Ourboard Inboard
Total Size(L*W*H) 4.08×1.86×2.2m 4.65×1.86×2.2m 4.64×1.96×2.4m
FRP Size(L*W*D) 4.0×1.76×0.83(Depth)m 4.0×1.72×0.75(Depth)m 4.0×1.86×0.85(Depth)m
Fender Rubber Rubber Rubber
Craft Weight 620KG 655KG 845KG
Capacity(82.5kg/P) 6Persons 6Persons 6Persons
Full Load 1115KG 1150KG 1340KG
Speed(Full Load) ≥6Knots ≥6Knots ≥6Knots
Engine Mercury 25
Tohatsu M25C
Mercury 25/40/60
Tohatsu M25C
Bukh DV24 RME
Yanmar 3JH25A
Power 18.4KW 18.4/29.4/44.1KW 20.6/17.6/18.4KW

JYB55KR/ JYB60G Fast Rescue Boat

Engine Position Ourboard Inboard Ourboard Inboard
Total Size(L*W*H) 5.5×2.06×2.36m 5.5×2.06×2.36m 6.32×2.35×2.53m 6.32×2.35×2.53m
FRP Size(L*W*D) 5.3×1.86×0.90(Depth)m 5.3×1.86×0.90(Depth)m 6.02×2.05×0.90(Depth)m 6.02×2.05×0.90(Depth)m
Fender Foam Foam Foam Foam
Craft Weight 1088KG 1700KG 1235KG 1730KG
Capacity(82.5kg/P) 6Persons 6Persons 12Persons 12Persons
Full Load 1583KG 2195KG 2225KG 2720KG
Speed(Full Load) ≥8Knots ≥8Knots ≥8Knots ≥8Knots
Engine Mercury 60/90 Yanmar 4LHA-HTP/DTP/STP
Steyr 164M40/144M38/ 236K43
Mercury 60/75/ 90/ 115 Yanmar 4LHA-HTP/DTP/STP
Steyr 164M40/144M38/ 236K43
Power 44.1/ 66.2KW Yanmar 118/147/177KW
Steyr 120/ 106/ 185
44.1/ 55.1/ 66.2/ 84.5KW Yanmar 118/147/177KW
Steyr 120/ 106/ 185