Rigid Inflatable Boat with bridge and seat

Rigid Hull Inflatable Rescue Boat

Rigid Hull Inflatable Rescue Boat (RIB)
Hull Type: V
Hull Material: GRP(Double Layer)
Buoyancy Tube: PVC/ Neoprene/ Hypalon
Standard Equipment: Paddle/ Foot Pump/ Repair Kit/ Cushion
Certificate: QC/ CE


Why Choose RIB(Rigid Inflatable Boat):

1. Light Weight: Compared with other rescue boats, RIB with the same amount of fuel can run faster and farther. Therefore, RIB with same engine, the price is more favorable, you can also save a lot of maintenance costs.
2. Good Quality: RIB’s center of gravity is much lower than other ships. Which make RIB more better than other boats.
3. Comfortable: The RIB’s elastic balloon reduces the impact of the sea, driving comfort is much higher than the general leisure boat; In addition, RIB’s driving noise is very small, so much comforter.
4. Safety: RIB has one or two buoyancy rube at each side or more, if some of buoyancy tubes are broken, RIB still can float on water.


Model RID-7 RID-8 RID-10 RID-12
Length overall 4200mm 4700mm 5200mm 5700mm
Width overall 1960mm 1960mm 2150mm 2400mm
Tube diametre 480mm 480mm 480mm 520mm
Airtight compartments 3 3 4 4
Max. HP 40 50 80 100
Capacity 7 Persons 8 Persons 10 Persons 12 Persons
Boat Weight 164 KG 196 KG 245 KG 390 KG
Full Load 1045 KG 1145 KG 1360 KG 1530 KG


Bridge, Seat, Engine, Empennage, Navigation Light, Anchor, Canopy