Rudder Angle Indicator

Rudder Angle Indicator

Rudder Angle Indicator System
Model: RAIS100
Rated Voltage: AC 110V/220V or DC 24V
Indication Range: ±45°
Accuracy: 0.5°
Certificate: CCS


Rudder angle indicator is a remote device that indicates ship’s rudder angle and direction. An indicator consists of a transmitter and a receiver.
The RAIS100 rudder angle indicator fully complies with the internatonal standard of ISO20673-2007 and IEC60945-2002.

Approval Standard:1. Chapter 1 of Part 4 of CCS Rules for the Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2012 and its Amendments.
2. ISO20673-2007 Ships and Marine Technology – Electric Rudder Angle Indicator.
3. IEC60945-2002 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and System – General Requirements – Methods of Testing and Required Results of Test.


Name Model Size IP
Rudder Angle Transmission Unit RTU100 188×120×80mm IP56
Connection and Distribution Unit CDU100 340×235×120mm IP22
Three Face Rudder Angle Indicator TRU100 Φ370×115mm IP22
Rudder Angle Indicator WRU100-144/192 144×144/192×192mm IP56
Rudder Angle Indicator PRU100-72/96/144/192 72×72/96×96/144×144/192×192mm IP22
Dimmer DMU100 96×96mm IP22