Angle Safety Valve

Safety Valve

Marine Safety Valve:
Connection Type:
Flange/ Thread
Material: Cast Steel/ Cast Iron/ Bronze


Safety Valve is a special valve, which usually is closed state, when the equipment or pipeline medium pressure rise and exceeds the specified value, the valve will release the media to outside to prevent the pipeline or equipment medium pressure exceeds the specified value.

Approval Standard:

1. Chapter 2, Part 3 of China Classification Society Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 2015 and Its Amendments.


Marine Safety Valve

Product Name Standard Nominal Diameter Nominal Pressure Material Application
Flanged Angle Safety Valve CB304-1992 25~80 mm 0.1~1.6 Mpa Body/Bonnet: Cast Iron
Disc: ZCuSn10Mn2
Stem: QA19-2
Seawater, Freshwater and Steam
External Thread Angle Liquid Safety Valve CB907-1994 10~25 mm 0.1~3.2 Mpa Body: ZCuA19Mn2
Disc/Cover: CuA19Mn2
Seawater, Freshwater, Fuel Oil, Lubricating
and Pressure Container
External Thread Air Signal Safety Valve CB907-1994 10~25 mm 0.1~3.5 Mpa Body: Steel 25
Disc/Sealing Seat: QA19-2
Compressed Air