• 5L Self-contained Breathing Apparatus(S.C.B.A.)
  • 6L Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
  • 6.8L Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
  • 8L and 9L Self-contained Breathing Apparatus(optional)

Marine SCBA required by the Medical First Aid Guide(MFAG) for use in accidents involving dangerous gases where a portable oxygen apparatus is not available . A self-contained breathing apparatus is also required by 1983 SOLAS amendments Chapter III Regulation 17. Suitable for fire fighting, rescue work, inspection and maintenance of equipment and other related activities, especially on board a ship

1. Full Face Mask
2. Backing
3. Gas Cylinder
4. Medium Pressure Pipe Assembly
5. High Pressure Connector
6. Positive Pressure Air Control Device
7. Pressure Relief Valve Assembly.

Approval Standard:
1. Regulation 10, Chapter II-2 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as Amended.
2. Chapter 3 of International Code for Fire Safety Systems, as Amended by MSC.339(91).
3. GA 124-2013 Self-contained Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus for Fire Fighting.
4. EN 136 Respiratory Protective Devices-Full Face Mask-Requirement, Testing, Marking(1998). Includeing AC(1999) and AC(2003). Class 2.
5. EN 137 Respiratory Protective Devices Self-contained, Open-circuit Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus Incorporating a Full Face Hood-Requirement, Testing, Marking.


Model RHZK5/30 RHZK6/30 RHZK6.8/30
Duration of Service 45~55minutes 55~60minutes 60~65minutes
Cylinder Volumn 5L 6L 6.8L
Air Storage Capacity 1500L 1800L 2040L
Nominal Working Pressure 30Mpa 30Mpa 30Mpa
Weight ≤12KG ≤14KG ≤8.8KG
Alarm Mode Sound and Light Sound and Light Sound and Light
Alarm Pressure 5~6Mpa 5~6Mpa 5~6Mpa
Certificate Available CCS and EC CCS and EC CCS and EC