Marine Sounding Lead

Sounding Lead and Rod

1.  Marine Sounding Lead
Weight: 3KG/ 5KG/ 13kg
Sounding Lead Line: 6mm/ 8mm/ 10mm
Material: Cast Iron
IMPA Code: 370301/ 370302

2. Marine Sounding Rod
Length: 1m
Foling No.: 4
Shape of Rod: Round
Material: Brass
IMPA Code: 370308

1. Sounding Lead

Designed for measuring sea depth. Has a hole at one end for connecting rope. Furnished without attached line.

2. Sounding Rod

A graduated square or round straight or jointed folding brass rod with attached ring; Used for measuring the depth of liquid contained in a space. When ordering, please specify the shape of the rod, the length, and the number of folds.