Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat:
Material: Fire-proof FPR
F–Fire-prevented, Suitable for Oil Tanker
C–Normal, Suitable for Cargo ship
Length: 5.0~10m
Capacity: 26~120 Persons
Certificate: BV/ ABS/ GL/ CCS


Totally Enclosed Lifeboat has 2 type, Fire-prevented type is Suitable for oil tanker, Normal type is Suitable for cargo ship.

Approval Standard:

1. MSC.47(66)-1996 AmendMents of  the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea(SOLAS) 1974 and MSC.216(82).
2. MSC.48(66) the International Life-saving Appliance Code and MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85).
3. msc.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Life-saving Appliance and MSC.226(82), MSC.274(85), MSC.323(89).


1. Comply with the requirements and rules of SOLAS and Its amendments 1996, LSA code, MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85), MSC.320(89), MSC.81(70), msc.226(82), MSC.274(85), MSC.321(89).
2. Boat body main material: fire-proof FRP.
3. Fit with self-righting device, It can self-righting when capsized.
4. Fit with release mechanism and launched and recovered by davit.
5. Equipped emergency pack according to SOLAS.
6. Anti-slip surface
7. Equipped a manual pump.
8. Equipped rubber fender around boat
9. Full-load ad full speed running time more than 24 hours.
10.Full-load Speed more than 6 knots.
11. All seats equipped according to somatology, four point safety belt and cushion are fitted on seat.
12. Water spray system and compressed air system are equipped on fire-prevented lifeboat.


JYB50F/C, JYB57F/C, JYB65F/C, JYB65F/C, JYB75F/C, JYB85F/C, JYB99F/C Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Model Total Size(L*W*H) FRP Size(L*W*H) Hook
Craft Weight Capacity
Full Load Speed Engine Power
JYB50F/C 5.00×2.30×2.84m 4.90×2.20×2.84m 4.50m 2457/2115KG 26 P 4602/4260KG ≥6Knots 17.6KW
JYB57F/C 5.80×2.42×3.10m 5.70×2.32×3.10m 5.30m 2622/2284KG 33 P 5344/5006KG ≥6Knots 18.4KW
JYB65F/C 6.60×2.42×3.10m 6.50×2.32×3.10m 6.10m 3136/2861KG 40 P 6436/6161KG ≥6Knots 20.6KW
JYB75F/C 7.60×2.78×3.10m 7.50×2.68×3.10m 7.00m 3600/3250KG 55 P 8137/7787KG ≥6Knots 20.6KW
JYB80F/C 8.10×2.96×3.10m 8.00×2.86×3.10m 7.60m 3775/3425KG 65 P 9137/8787KG ≥6Knots 21.3KW
JYB85F/C 8.60×3.30×3.30m 8.50×3.20×3.30m 8.10m 4708/4377KG 90 P 12133/11802KG ≥6Knots 22.1KW
JYB99F/C 10.07×3.80×3.45m 9.97×3.70×3.45m 9.4m 6500/6050KG 120 P 16400/15950KG ≥6Knots 30.0KW

F–Fire-prevented,Suitable for oil tanker
C–Normal,Suitable for cargo ship