vinyl coated work vest

Vinyl Coated Work Vest

Model: GY09-I
Color: Red or Orange
Main Material: EVA Foam Rubber
Surface: Vinyl coated
Buoyancy: ≥ 73.5N
Weight: 0.5KG
Certificate Available: CCS

Vinyl Coated Work Vest is suitable for offshore platform and international voyage vessels. Mostly used as working vest on oil platform.

Approval Standard:
1.JT/T 107-1991 Working Lifejacket for Ships

The best components are used to insure long life of service. The closed-cell floatation foam will not absorb water if cut or punctured. The tough, flexible vinyl coating resists caustics, acids, UV lights, hydrocarbons, mildew, fading, drilling mud, tears and abrasions: it is easy to clean with soap and water – a benefit that fabric-covered devices cannot claim. The webbing system – not the foam pads – is designed to take strains and loads.