Weather Facsimile Receivers

Weather Facsimile Receiver

Weather Facsimile Receiver
Model: TF-708
Brand: Taiyo(Japan)
Frequency: 2~24.9999 MHz in 100 Hz Step
Model of Emission: F3C
Sensitivity: 2uV at 20dB SINAD
Selectivity: Better than 2.0KHz (-6dB)
Channel Capacity: 150~164 Channels
Power Supply: 10.8~31.2V DC
Certificate: CCS


8 inch wide high quality thermal printing.
Automatic reception with start/stop control, optimum frequency selection, phase matching and speed/IOC selection.
Timer programming for automatic recording up to 16 programs per week.
Date and time are automatically printed when the APSS automatic stop signal is received.

Approval Standard:

1. IEC 60945-2002 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and Systems – General Requirements – Methods of Testing and Required Test Result.
2. IMO A.528(13) “Recommendation on Weather Routeing”.


Model TF-708
Reception Synthesized double super-heterodyne
Frequency MF/HF 2.0000~24.9999MHz in 100Hz step
Receiving Wave form F3C
Number of channels Preset existing facsimile stations : 150 channels
Vacant channel for new station : 164 channels
Image rejection ratio Better than 60 dB
Sensitivity 2uV at 20dB SINAD
Selectivity Better than 2.0 kHz (-6dB)
Frequency selection Automatic selection of most suitable frequency in a selected station or,
Manual selection of preset frequency by key pad or,
Input frequency by key pad
Display LCD, 16 characters x 2 lines
Audio Input Audio frequency 1900±400Hz (minus: black, plus : white)
Impedance 600Ω, level 0 dBm
Power Source 10.8 ~ 31.2 VDC universal
Dimension & weight W335 x H93 x D300 mm 6kg