wheeled co2 fire extinguisher

Wheeled Co2 Fire Extinguisher

CCS certified wheeled carbon dioxide fire extinguisher(EC is optional)

  • 24Kg Wheeled Co2 Fire Extinguisher


Ships of 1,000 gross tons or more shall carry at least 5 portable fire extinguishers as required by 1974 SOLAS Chapter II Regulation 6 amended 1983.
Co2 is a clean, dry gas and does not conduct electricity. It leaves no residue and can be used on delicate electronic equipment.

Approval Standard:

1. National Standard of P.R. China GB8109-2005 Wheeled Fire Extinguishers.
2. Regulation 10, Part C, Part II-2 of International Convention for the SOLAS 1974, as Amended.


Model MTT/24
Exinguishant Weight 24KG
Cylinder Working Pressure 14.7Mpa
Cylinder Water Test Pressure 24.5Mpa
Valid Injection Duration ≥20S
Valid Injection Distance ≥2.5M
Delayed Action Time ≤5S
Rate of Residual Extinguishing Medium ≤10%
Extinguishant Co2
Cylinder Material 34Mn2V
Fire Extinguisher Rank 89B
Operating Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Certificate Avaiable CCS EC