wheeled foam fire extinguisher

Wheeled Foam Fire Extinguisher

CCS certified wheeled foam fire extinguisher(EC is optional)

  • 45L Wheeled Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • 65L Wheeled Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • 135L Wheeled Foam Fire Extinguisher


Class BC wheeled foam fire extinguisher for flammable or combustible liquid, wood, cloth, paper, rubber, etc. Not for use in fires of electrical origin.

Approval Standard:

1. National Standard of P.R. China GB8109-2005 Wheeled Fire Extinguishers.
2. Regulation 10, Part C, Part II-2 of International Convention for the SOLAS 1974, as Amended.


Model MPTZ/45 MPTZ/65 MPTZ/135
Extinguishant Weight 45L 65L 135L
Cylinder Working Pressure 1.4Mpa 1.4Mpa 1.4Mpa
Cylinder Water Test Pressure 2.1Mpa 2.1Mpa 2.1Mpa
Valid Injection Duration 40S~210S 40S~210S 40S~210S
Valid Injection Distance ≥8.0M ≥10.0M ≥10.0M
Delayed Action Time ≤5S ≤5S ≤5S
Rate of Residual Extinguishing Medium ≤10% ≤10% ≤10%
Extinguishant AFFF3% AFFF3% AFFF3%
Cylinder Material HP295 HP295 HP295
Fire Extinguisher Rank 6A/144B 10A/183B 15A/233B
Operating Temperature +5℃~+55℃ +5℃~+55℃ +5℃~+55℃
Certificate Avaiable CCS EC CCS EC CCS EC