Wireless Load Cell Dynameter

Wireless Load Cell Dynameter

Wireless Load Cell Dynameter for Load Test Water Bags
Alu-alloy/ Alloy Steel
1~200 T
Max. Safety Load: 125% F.S.(full scale)
Remote Controller Distance: ≥15 m
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ + 40 ℃
Ultimate Load: 400% F.S.
Operation Duration: ≥ 100 h
Frequency: 2.4GHz(default)/ 433MHz 860MHz(optional)  
Battery: “LR6(AA)” alkaline battery 1.5V × 3  


◆Rugged construction.
◆Accuracy: 0.05% of capacity.
◆All fuctions and units are clearly display on the LCD (with backlighting).
◆Digits are 1 inch high for easy distant viewing.
◆Two user programmable Set-Point can be used for safety and warning applications or for limit weighing.
◆Long battery life on 3 standard “LR6(AA)”size alkaline batteries.
◆All commonly used internationally recognized units are available : kilograms(kg), short Tons(t) pounds(lb), Newton and kilonewton(kN).
◆Infrared Remote control easier to calibration(with password).
◆Infrared Remote control with many fuctions : “ZERO”, ”TARE”,”CLEAR”, “PEAK”, ”ACCUMULATE” ,”HOLD” ,”Unit Change” ,”Voltage Check” and “Power OFF”.
◆4 local mechanical keys :”ON/OFF”,”ZERO”,”PEAK” and ”Unit Change”.
◆low battery warning .
◆RF wireless palm indicator.


Model Capacity Size(L/W/H) Division Material
DL-1T 1T 245×112×37mm 0.5 KG Alu-alloy
DL-2T 2T 245×112×37mm 1 KG Alu-alloy
DL-3T 3T 260×123×37mm 1 KG Alu-alloy
DL-5T 5T 285×123×57mm 2 KG Alu-alloy
DL-10T 10T 320×120×57mm 5 KG Alloy Steel
DL-20T 20T 420×128×74mm 10 KG Alloy Steel
DL-30T 30T 420×138×82mm 10 KG Alloy Steel
DL-50T 50T 465×150×104mm 20 KG Alloy Steel
DL-100T 100T 570×190×132mm 50 KG Alloy Steel
DL-200T 200T 725×265×183mm 100 KG Alloy Steel